Founded in 1999 as Investigative Solutions, InSolu Inc. is a boutique investigations firm specializing in the financial and legal sectors. InSolu founder, Nona Patronite, has conducted investigations in both the private and public sectors offering clients personalized and thorough solutions to make fully-informed and well-thought-out decisions for over 35 years. Nona has taken special care to select and hire team members with a commitment to InSolu’s core values in providing thorough, reliable, personalized and discreet investigative services.

For almost 20 years, our clients have relied upon us to manage projects ranging from routine pre-employment background checks to complex due diligence investigations involving multi-million dollar deals. We’ve protected our clients by identifying potential issues, fraud, misrepresentations, falsification of credentials and even criminal convictions involving prospective employees or business partners.


EXPERIENCE – Our team of investigators utilizes tried and proven practices supported by the most current research technologies. We also continue to incorporate ever-changing Internet search techniques allowing our team to develop real-time information used in social and media-related investigations. We follow established industry practices and ensure compliance with laws and regulations across the industries we serve (click for more information on the fair credit reporting act). Our diverse backgrounds and collective experience, together with our worldwide network of on-site researchers and specialized investigators, allow us to offer our clients the most efficient, timely and reliable products.

THOROUGH – We dig well below the surface to uncover information that other investigative service agencies and robotic searches often miss. Keep in mind, trouble in someone’s past is not always easy to spot and often not disclosed. We identify inconsistencies and thoroughly research these matters, regardless of how insignificant they may appear. Generally, this information is gathered, summarized and brought to our client’s attention in a comprehensive, confidential memorandum which identifies red flags, issues or potential concerns. This enables our clients to manage the identified risk and make their decisions, accordingly.

RELIABLE – You can count on InSolu. Our team collects, analyzes and synthesizes information to deliver reports in a digest of focused data. We are committed to meeting the varied challenges of investigations with consistent excellence, on time and within budget. Our trustworthy and reliable tools give your decision makers the freedom to move forward with confidence.

PERSONALIZED – Every client has unique needs and parameters for conducting their business operations. We listen to your direction and work  in conjunction with you to learn more about your organization. This allows us to identify the services best-suited to accomplish your objectives  and provide the essential information required.

DISCREET – We understand the importance of maintaining complete confidentiality in all communications. Our policies and practices ensure information is protected and remains secure.

Today’s research technologies are prolific. In spite of advances, there is not a readily-available database able to generate a package of complete and verifiable information. Public records searches provide a fair amount of superficial information, but often lack depth and thoroughness. A stronger and broader range of research skills and resources is needed to fully accumulate and analyze data – skills and resources that our investigators utilize every day.

InSolu is a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) and the Florida Association of Legal Investigators (FALI).

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